Be rewarded with every move

Stay active and enjoy your benefits


Train&Benefit is compatible with fitness trackers and well-known mobile apps. We track your progress for any sport activity at any time. Keep using your favourite app and stick to your individual workout plan.


Give the body some energy! Work on your personal improvement and enjoy a healthier living. Stay fit thanks to regular trainings and profit from your health insurance or employer.


Train&Benefit keeps you motivated by offering extra benefits and rewards. You can count on special bonuses and discounts provided by our amazing partners.


Be part of our positive community, encourage others to a healthy lifestyle and profits given by Train&Benefit. Take part in exclusive events and sport challenges to compete with your friends.

How it works

We know that keeping fit and staying healthy is hard. Train&Benefit uses the best deals from our partners to help you achieve your goals.

1. Download the free app

Connect the app to your favourite fitness app or wearable tracking device. All data is transmitted to your profile automatically.

2. Train, train, train!

Stay active and exercise regularly! We track all your progress and assign points for your sweat. The more you work out, the more credit you get in return!

3. Get benefits

Exchange your points for great rewards and special offers. Stay in shape and enjoy benefits!

What members of the community say

Many companies encourage their employees to use the app. Among the users of Train&Benefit are also students and fitness instructors.

“We were looking for a solution which could reduce the number of sick days and create a great atmosphere between our employees. T&B fulfilled our expectations 100%.”
— Alexander Koberstein, HR Manager
“The app motivated me to lose weight and keep it that way. I focused on reaching a certian amount of points to get discounts for my favourite fitness apparel, and that kept me inspired.”
— Stephanie Koch, Student

Our partners

As a member of our community, you receive access to a variety of bonuses, discounts and exclusive events.

Together with our partners, we support your healthy lifestyle.

Train and Benefit

Train&Benefit is a company specialized in keeping people healthy and fit by motivating them to move. Our mission is to support our users by taking part in sport challenges.

We aim to provide benefits for fitness activity by cooperating with our partners such as health insurance providers, wellness and gym clubs or fitness suplement companies.